A summer dream by the sea and olive trees – building A

About the project "Summer dream"

With their high-quality design and great position, the apartments meet the highest standards of highly demanding clients. They represent the perfect balance of quality and reasonable prices.

The attempts of investors to consolidate different needs, preferences and tastes, is fully realized by providing a variety of apartments’ purchasing options – from small, but exquisitely designed surfaces (44 sq. m) to the exclusive, spacious apartments with two terraces or a courtyard for hedonists (and in only 75 accounting square meters…)

“Encouraged by the comments and recommendations of our clients from previous projects, their friends and guests, we were searching for a project good enough to encompass all the elements that are in demand”.
Modern, high quality materials, contractors with years of experience and guarantees for a good performance, a stable investor for whom your satisfaction is food for the soul – all of this is a guarantee of your good choice, while the low price is a guarantee of your good investment!

Bank mortgage loans of all the banks are possible because the horizontal division and registration of all the residential units is made. Until then we can use your down payment….

Gallery: Dobropoljana 11 C

Documentation: Dobropoljana 11 C

Location: Dobropoljana 11 C, 23263 Pašman

In a quiet village Dobropoljana, situated in the bay of the same name on the island of Pašman a spacious plot near the beach stretches out, with an open sea view and olive groves. Due to its suitable location non-standard buildings are situated there which are attractive in the existing landscape and excellent for its users.

The goal was not to achieve the maximum utilization of available land, but open views from every balcony, courtyard design for ground floor apartments and making the upper floors exclusive by opening up the roof terraces.

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