Apartment Beach – Dobropoljana


Apartment facility on a unique location: on the beach, on the border of the green zone and built settlement.

The apartments are situated on the beach, with an excellent clear view of the sea and the greenery.

The facility consists of 6 apartments in total.

For sale are only two of the best apartments of 48 and 55 sq. m on the upper floor. One apartment consists of a bedroom, kitchen with living room, bathroom and balcony “overlooking the sea”. The second apartment consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and a balcony overlooking the sea and greenery. Each apartment has its own parking lot. At the moment the apartments are merged into one super luxurious apartment with an open, wide view of the sea and the greenery, two balconies and two parking lots.

Easy access to the facility, the beach and the village, with a combination of urbanization and wildlife characterizing this site.

A high-quality facility and landscaping will be our contribution to the beauty of nature…



The apartments are situated at the edge of an old fishermen’s and agricultural village Dobropoljana.

Dobropoljana is situated in a bay of the same name on the island of Pašman, one of 300 islands in the Zadar archipelago connected by boat lines via the neighbouring island of Ugljan with the mainland and the town of Biograd.

The village is situated on the north western part of the island, below the highest peak on the island (Bokolj, 274 m).

Dobropoljana is a typical island village; which synchronizes the old architecture and newly built houses. The village was first mentioned in 1270 and it was intensely populated in the 17th century by the refugees from the Zadar hinterland. The economic base is comprised of agriculture, viticulture, olive growing, fishing and seafaring. The small harbour is protected from the southern and western winds and provides a good shelter for smaller yachts, and near the village there is a sandy beach.

Pašman is separated from the towns of Zadar and Biograd by picturesque Pašman channel on which, like a string of pearls, ten small islands are scattered. The sea current that changes direction every six hours makes this the part of the sea the cleanest on the Adriatic.

Pašman is situated on the crossroads of maritime routes and it is also near the world-famous National Park Kornati and the beautiful Nature Park Telašćica. Nearby is also one of the largest towns on the Adriatic coast, Zadar, with its own airport.

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