Ždrelac – Villa Ive


In Ždrelac, in the immediate vicinity of the apartment villas under construction, in the year 2005 the project “VILLA IVE” was realized.

This is a villa with 4 apartments and two large garages-konobe (wine cellars), in a Dalmatian stone setting, landscaped “amphitheatre” for tenant meetings with a fireplace in the courtyard and surrounding indigenous plants…

Our tenants are very happy and often reside in these premises, and you will easily notice them while sightseeing the newly constructed facility and you will surely get an enthusiastic recommendation concerning the location you choose… And we wish to the new neighbours the same dose of enthusiasm with this new place to rest your body and mind…



Ždrelac is a village on Pašman, one of the islands of the Zadar archipelago, connected with the town of Biograd by ferry. The village developed around the church of St. Luke and expanded to several bays and hills, including a new settlement near the bridge. The village was named after the narrow passage at the end of which it is situated, Ždrilo, dividing the island of Ugljan from Pašman. Ždrelac is situated on the crossroads of maritime routes for excursions to nearby islands and the Kornati archipelago. It is an attractive destination for yachtsmen and lovers of water sports.

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